'16 Pictures of the Reading Football Players'

Brigham & Co. were tobacconists based in Broad Street, Reading, and in 1912 they issued a set of sixteen cards featuring the town's football club, with their 'Gold Flake' cigarette brand. Using photos from the local studios of P.O. Collier, the set is not the most attractive ever released, but is certainly one of the rarest of all football cigarette card issues, and they command premium prices when they crop up at auction. 

Included are some of the most famous names from our early history, such as Fred Bartholomew, who must be the original 'Biscuitman', having started out at the Biscuit Factory Club. Popular centre-forward Allen Foster, who scored the winning goal against Aston Villa in a famous cup-tie is featured, as is the great Ted Hanney who, we are informed, 'can use his hands'.